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Balkan Adventure of Kasia and Lukasz


We invite you to a meeting with the authors of the blog “Where the sun rises for us” who will share their impressions of the trip through the Balkan countries.

Kasia and Lukasz are a couple of crazy travellers who have only 26 days of annual leave and great creativity in using and “extending” it. 80 days of travelling a year is not a problem for them.

They have been roaming the world together for 18 years now, discovering places where the sun rises for them. During this time, in addition to our beautiful Poland, they have already visited 35 countries.

During TOUR SALON 2020 they will take us on an incredible journey through the Balkans. We will visit Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro with them. They will talk about a meeting point of cultures, difficult history, beautiful landscapes and paradisiacal beaches. They will reveal a few secrets of how to prepare for such a journey.