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Choose the right direction - together with KIERUNKOWO.PL


Kierunkowo.pl is a travel blog run by Marcin Krawczyk, who specializes in micro travel. He will talk about his passion for discovering and exploring Poland, collecting memories and culinary inspirations during the next edition of the Tour Salon.

Marcin Krawczyk is a native of Greater Poland and a declared micro-traveller who has mastered the art of combining a passion for traveling with professional work. His specialty is one-day trips, city breaks, and weekend trips, during which he gets to know and discover the most interesting corners of Poland, trying to visit both well-known attractions and those places that hide travel potential and are still waiting to be noticed.
He has already done countless micro-travels, mainly in Wielkopolska, Lower Silesia, and Pomerania, which he additionally describes on his blog - kierunkowo.pl, since 2019. You will find over 500 blog entries on it, some of which have been appreciated and published on the National Tourist Portal.
He tries to travel almost every free moment, most often setting off on his own. However, she likes family trips the most, during which she tries to infect her family with her passion, including her several-year-old son.
For several years, he has been trying to promote the idea of ​​micro-journeys, to which he devoted his unique guide "MIKROPODRÓŻE", which is the most extensive Polish publication presenting short forms of traveling and being an inspiration to discover the most undiscovered part of the country - local Poland! With his philosophy of micro-traveling, he proves that even with little free time, you can derive as much satisfaction and joy from short trips as from long trips.

During the Tour Salon, you will learn unique micro-travel stories, practical tips and tricks, and hundreds of fantastic places and travel inspirations! You will find out about the huge potential of micro-travels, thanks to which instead of being stuck in the dream zone, you will simply start collecting memories and fulfill your travel desires, regardless of how much time you have!

More about our speaker at: https://kierunkowo.pl/