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Exhibitor at Tour Salon - Alpha Adventure Safaris


Alpha Adventure Safaris creates an unforgettable experience by offering tailor-made "African Adventures". The tour operator's offer includes a wide range of trips around Uganda, which is rightly called the pearl of Africa.

Uganda - the pearl of Africa

"Uganda: The Pearl of Africa" is a common phrase used to describe the country's natural beauty and diverse landscapes. Uganda is located in East Africa and is known for its stunning scenery, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage. The phrase was popularized by Sir Winston Churchill, who visited Uganda in 1907 and was captivated by its beauty.

Alpha Adventure Safaris and Incentives was founded by Albert Peter Ssemakula. This decision was inspired by his passion for adventure and love for Uganda and East Africa.

Alpha Adventure offers a wide range of services. The adventure tourism offered includes physical activities that provide a sense of excitement and thrill, such as trekking trips, mountain climbing, water sports or safaris, i.e. encounters with wildlife, which are also accompanied by experiences of communing with the culture of indigenous people.

Alpha Adventure puts customer satisfaction first while taking into account the social, cultural and environmental aspects of the destinations where it operates. Using specialist knowledge of the local culture, it offers its clients a unique and authentic experience. It engages with the social, cultural and environmental realities of destinations on an ongoing basis.

Alpha Adventure shows a responsible approach to tourism. This commitment includes respecting local customs and traditions, supporting local communities, promoting sustainable practices and minimizing negative environmental impact.

Alpha Adventure is committed to delivering quality adventure services while ensuring their operations are in line with the values ​​and realities of the destinations they serve. This approach is appreciated by customers and has a positive impact on the community and environment.

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