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Exhibitor Tour Salon - East German Rose Garden in Forst (Lausitz)


We welcome the managers of the East German Rose Garden in Forst (Lausitz) among the exhibitors of this year's Tour Salon.

The 17-hectare East German Rose Garden Forst (Lausitz) captivates with its unique composition of garden art, landscape architecture and botanical diversity. Rose lovers and rose experts have the opportunity to admire tens of thousands of roses in almost 1,000 varieties here.

The Rose Garden, apart from its great historical value in terms of monuments, is also the scene of high-profile cultural programs. Unique cultural events are organized in the magical setting of the garden and during the main rose blooming season.

The highlight is the traditional Rose Festival (Rose Garden Festival), held annually on the last weekend of June. Another event worth recommending is "Sundays in the Rose Garden", organized on the last Sunday of the month (May, July, August, September).

Certified guides also invite you to learn about the history, botany and curiosities of the East German Rose Garden during the following thematic tours:

- visiting the garden regarding the history and architecture of the garden

- sightseeing and treasure hunting for children aged 6-12

- professional botanical tour of the garden

- romantic tour of the garden at night, combined with a 3-course dinner

- "Morning dew and the smell of roses" - sightseeing in the morning, combined with breakfast

The offer is also adapted to service bus groups.

More information: https://www.rosengarten-forst.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosenstadt.forst.erleben