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First trip by camper


Meet with Kasia and Piotr, the creators of the site Camprest.

Kasia and Piotr have been travelling since they were little. They began their adventure with campsites with their parents, and today four-year-old Maks and one-year-old Franek travel with them.

They visited a number of places. Why they choose campsites?

- Campsites are conducive to spending time in a family atmosphere. We are all the time together and we do a lot of things together, from going to the swimming pool, joint shopping, to going out for dinner to one of the many pubs located on the campsite. On the campsite children spend a huge amount of time on incredibly big playgrounds (also water-based and on trampolines), or take part in various activities organised by a professional animation team where they can play with other children from different countries, and the lack of language skills is not any problem for them − says Piotr Kozlowski.

Campsites are also a way to spend a holiday away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by nature, but always with the possibility of visiting interesting places, tourist attractions.

How to prepare for such holidays? We encourage you to meet with Kasia and Piotr, who during TOUR SALON 2020 will tell you how to prepare for the first camper trip.

During the lecture you will learn for instance:

  • what camper to choose for rental/purchase
  • how to plan routes by camper
  • how to look for places to stay in a camper
  • what to take with you.