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Karol Okrasa as a special guest of the Tour Salon


On Saturday, a special guest will appear on the main stage. Karol Okrasa - chef, author of books, and presenter of culinary programs, will tell us about his culinary routes following the traces of local tourism.

Karol Okrasa is not only a chef, but also an experienced traveler who has combined two unique passions, following the paths of culinary flavors both around the world and in our native places. We are delighted that he will talk about his experiences and inspirations during the Tour Salon fair.

A few words of introduction from our special guest:

“I would like to present the topic of driving and shaping culinary tourism in our country. The main idea is to promote the regions through local cuisine and products. Every tourist visiting a given region must do 4 things during the day ……. has to sleep somewhere and eat BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER !!! These are opportunities to instill in us a curiosity about the region, culture, and cuisine. The kitchen is an element of culture, it can be art and is undoubtedly a magnet attracting globetrotters. Due to its diversity, it is also extremely unique, different, unspoiled at every level, and therefore attractive for tourists. "

We invite you to a meeting with Karol Okrasa on Saturday, 22 October 2022, at 1 p.m. (main stage in hall 6).