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Kazakhstan − a taste of hospitality


Come and meet Dorota Chojnowska and Selim Saffarini, the authors of the blog “What a beautiful world.”

Dorota Chojnowska and Selim Saffarini met three years ago. They share a passion for bikes. It soon became apparent that they have much more in common. They started to build bamboo bikes together, to travel around the world on them, and to describe their adventures and meetings in the blog www.alepieknyswiat.pl. They visited Hungary and Oman. Their trip to Morocco has resulted in the exhibition “Dream of the Sahara.” In 2019, they visited Kazakhstan, but they keep analysing it. During the trip they touched on many topics, not just culinary ones. First of all, they were delighted by spirituality − on the one hand Kazakhs are very modern, and on the other they keep ancestral traditions which are based on tengri − the original religion of Central Asian steppes. This expedition will be the topic of the meeting with Dorota and Selim during TOUR SALON 2020.