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Olsztyn - the climate that enchanted Copernicus


Development of the lake shores, revitalization of city parks and placing a promotional emphasis on the figure and legacy of Nicolaus Copernicus - this is Olsztyn's way of attracting tourists. In summer, but not only.

Olsztyn is an intimate city that is teeming with life, especially in the summer season. The thought-provoking Gothic atmosphere of the castle and basilica in the Old Town encourages you to take walks along the Łyna River flowing through the city center parks. Perhaps this inspiring atmosphere was anticipated by the most outstanding resident of the city - Nicolaus Copernicus, who began writing his fundamental work "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" in the Olsztyn castle. We won't find out, but we can prove that Olsztyn's attractions (new and renovated) have a common-natural - denominator.


A great example of conscious use of the potential of a place is the investment in Lake Ukiel (Krzywe). A few years ago, along its shore, among others, piers and piers, a promenade, bicycle and ski trails, sports equipment rentals, a seasonal ice rink, a skate park (snow park in winter), year-round water sports base, year-round beach volleyball hall and squash halls, volleyball courts and game areas, parking, as well architectural facilities for disabled people. Importantly, the solutions used take into account the specific nature of the place - the most valuable trees were preserved and new plantings were made. Another advantage of the complex is its very good transport accessibility - its location next to National Road No. 16 and close proximity to the Western Railway Station and the city center.