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Polish Vodka Museum - a curiosity on the map of tourist attractions in Warsaw


Vistirs will find here interactive exhibitions, presentations and screenings, which tell the history of vodka production throughout the ages, as well as information and fun facts about the impact of vodka on shaping Polish culture and about its international career.

Polish Vodka Museum at the Koneser Square in Warsaw means not only interactive galleries, guides with passion and professional Polish Vodka tasting but also thematic training modules led by top bartenders. The unique space of the historical building of the former Rectification Plant is a perfect venue to organize inspiring workshops, conferences and events. The Museum houses also an intimate cinema and the ¾ cocktail bar.


Polish Vodka Museum

Centrum Praskie Koneser

Koneser Square 1

03-736 Warsaw

+48 (22) 419 31 50