❗ We cordially invite you to the next edition TOUR SALON on October 4-6 2024❗  


Soliści among the exhibitors at the Tour Salon


Soliści is an association of people full of passion for traveling, an alternative to travel agencies. They want to infect others with this passion so that they can discover new corners of our planet together. Soliści is an initiative thanks to which exploring the world takes place off the beaten track.

Already in October, our fair will host the largest Traveler's Club in Poland, which has been fulfilling the dreams of exotic travels for over 9 years. The club offers active trips in small groups around the world.

In recent years, they have organized over 200 different expeditions each year to the most exotic places in the world! Each of them is an intense and experience-rich program, created by experienced travelers - enthusiasts. They do not follow the beaten paths, interact with local communities, and soak up their culture. In Soloists, you can experience the world, absorbing its full face, not only watching it.

They are far from all-inclusive trips and sitting by the pool (although they are not foreign to drinks with a palm tree). They definitely prefer to travel the world with a backpack and experience unexpected adventures. The expeditions will include trekking to the most picturesque peaks, visits to the most interesting distant cities, and exploring the most beautiful deserts, beaches, and forests.

They have already completed over 800 expeditions on 6 continents, in which over 7500 travelers took part. Solo expeditions are characterized by the most active program on the market with a large number of attractions included in the price of the expedition. Together, they create a unique community of travelers. The soloists are over 100 certified Expedition Leaders who, thanks to their many years of experience, organize unforgettable expeditions.

Every year, they add 10 new foreign courses to their program, and the offer also includes:
- weekend trips around Poland Live Wild,
- event trips (e.g. New Year's Eve in Jordan and Morocco)

- Expedition Leaders Academy - the only such training in Poland that allows you to get a dream job as an Expedition Leader

You will go on your dream journey with the Soliści team.