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The first women's team in Poland in the “Mongol Rally”


Meet with Magdalena Gorlas at TOUR SALON fair.

Pamir Highway by Fiat Panda? It is possible! 15 countries, almost 18,000 km, almost six weeks and there are three of them: Karolina, Magda and Fiat Panda called 'Pandziocha' (freely translated 'Pandie'). The first Polish women's team that took part in the “Mongol Rally”, travelling on all kinds of roads, across forests, mountains, plains, deserts, rivers and reaching the finish in Ulan Ude. That is: I FEEL LIKE A TRIP.

In the “Mongol Rally” participants are often confused, do not know what is around the corner and discover the unknown. The idea is brilliantly simple. Everyone starts and ends the rally at the same points (Prague and Ulan-Ude), but the places which they want to travel depend only on them. The route taken by Magda and Karolina led by Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, and then back through Russia, Latvia and Lithuania to Poland. During the rally, each team raises money to support the Cool Earth Foundation and an organisation of choice. In the case of Karolina and Magda it was the foundation for Puppies “Judith”.

If you want to know the history of this unusual journey by Karolina, Magda and their Pandie, come to the Travellers Festival at TOUR SALON.