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Travel through all continents


If you are looking for inspiration for a weekend or a holiday trip, you cannot miss the unique opportunity to see destinations presented at TOUR SALON fair organised in Poznan from 14 to 16 February 2020. This year, the motto of the fair is "Discover the taste of adventure" and it encourages you to open up to new places, new people and to leave your safe haven to face new challenges!

Discover Poland

TOUR SALON is an event that aims to increase the recognizability of various regions, cities and tourist attractions. This opportunity will be taken by many Polish cities and regions, including Poznań, Wielkopolska and Poznań County that will invite everyone to explore its undiscovered and still unknown locations. Lubuskie province will also promote its destinations suitable for weekend trips or holidays, because this is a land of lakes - a real "El Dorado" for those who love water sports and fishing. TOUR SALON will also show the tourist offer of Mazowsze and other regions such as Beskid Mountains, the Land of Loess Gorges, Lublin, Toruń or Cieszyn Silesia, which have received the title of Polish Tourist Brands.

Exploration of Poland will be advertised by Katarzyna Wegrzyn, the author of a very popular blog presenting weekend destinations in Poland ("Gdzie w Polsce na weekend"), who travelled miles of underground routes, visited extraordinary historic sites, discovered places where you can sleep in tents hanging on mountainside cliffs, hobbit huts or in a hotel inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Travel through all continents

TOUR SALON will host many foreign representatives of travel agencies, cities, regions and tourist attractions. The visitors will have an opportunity to obtain detailed organizational information on trips to the most remote corners of the world such as Vietnam, Pakistan and the United States. A special treat for the travel freaks will surely be an expedition to the North Pole on the board of Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker.

The fair organisers invited travelers to encourage you to bold journeys. A special guest of TOUR SALON will be Adam Borowicz, a well-known host of TV culinary series "To je Borowicz. Podróże ze smakiem” ('Borowicz eats this. Traveling with taste'), who will take you on a culinary trip around
the world, including Georgia, Scotland and the Canary Islands. The fair will also host Dorota Chojnowska, who travelled on a bamboo bike through Kazakhstan and Magda Gorlas – a competitor in "Mongol Rally". The visitors will be also presented with unique places in the Balkans, learn how to prepare the first trip to the US and which trekking routes in Iceland are the most spectacular.

TOUR SALON will be accompanied by Follow Your Dreams Travel Festival. Three days of the event (from 14 to 16 February 2020) will be loaded with stories about adventures in close and faraway lands told by over 20 travellers. The program will also include photography workshops, classes on writing books, survival and camping workshops, eco-workshops for children and night outdoor photographic session. In addition, visitors will be able to clarify travel-related heath issues with medical consultants and meet authors of travel books or to socialise during the integration evenings.


TOUR SALON is a perfect solution for a winter weekend and an inspiration for fulfilling holiday dreams. The event will be held from 14 to 16 February (Friday - Sunday). Exhibitors have prepared many attractions for the visitors, including remarkable stories about places, people, flavours and traditions that will stimulate all your senses and spark your desire for adventure!