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Caravans Salon Poland

The autumn edition of TOUR SALON will be accompanied by the Caravans Salon fair - the largest fair event for the caravanning industry in our part of Europe - October 26-29, 2023!

The Caravans Salon Poland fair in Poznań is currently the largest event in our country for the caravanning industry and enthusiasts. An ideal place to present new products and sum up the season for exhibitors, dealers and producers as well as for the community, rallies and vanlifers who are already after the summer season and winter expeditions are just ahead of them. In addition, this year the fair will last one day longer from 26 to 29 October. Once again, the Poznań International Fair will certainly be the most important place for every fan of caravanning, tourism and travelling.

7 pavilions with a diverse and rich exhibition in one place and time

Buying or renting a tourist vehicle often involves a long search and checking numerous options and offers. It is best to see and check the motorhome or caravan before making the final choice.

The fair in Poznań, where we will see a full cross-section of dealers, manufacturers, and vehicles offered in Poland, allows us to compare and check offers in one place and time in a few or several hours, without the need to travel and visit companies in showrooms. Not to mention the numerous promotions and market discounts that accompany the exhibition. Therefore, we can arrange the purchase or rental, service, and retrofitting of a motorhome or trailer in one go.

This year, the exhibitors have at their disposal as many as 7 exhibition pavilions, the area of ​​which is almost 45,000 m2. It is a huge space to present caravanning in every aspect so that everyone can find something for themselves. In 2022, the exhibition included a total of about 400 motorhomes and caravans, and the additional space this year gives additional opportunities to increase this number.

However, for people who are just entering the world of caravanning, there is no better opportunity to see how diverse it is, to expand knowledge, and catch the "bug" of traveling on 4 wheels.

Not only motorhomes and caravans

The caravanning fair is not only motorhomes, campervans and caravans. The industry is dynamically developing and offers a whole range of other solutions that allow you to travel in a camping style. Roof tents and residential vestibules, mini expedition trailers, mobile capsules for a pickup truck, camping boxes and modular sets of furniture and other elements of camping equipment. Solutions dedicated to off-road or those that allow you to transform a passenger car into a mini-motorhome for the holiday period are just some of the other faces of caravanning that are present at the fair.

When visiting the fair, you can also buy camping accessories (refrigerators, power banks, furniture and equipment) and sports accessories (surfboards, sup, bicycles, scooters, etc.), as well as equip your motorhome with various types of technologies and amenities. People who want to build a motorhome on their own will also find here a whole package of knowledge, technology and components needed for such a construction.

Premieres and news

Each edition of the fair in Poznań is full of premieres of motorhomes, trailers, new technologies and gadgets useful while traveling. The appropriate date of the event gives a chance for a large number of Polish premieres of models that are presented at the beginning of September in Düsseldorf at the largest caravanning fair in Europe.

Global brands, dealers and Polish producers are eager to show their premieres, knowing that they attract attention and are the highlight of the fair in Poznań. In the previous edition, we showed nearly 20 premieres of motorhomes, motorhomes and trailers at Caravans Salon Poland, and this year promises to be just as interesting.

New models and versions created for the 2024 season, plus bestsellers from the largest brands, often in special offers prepared for the fair, are a large part of the fair exhibition, which is complemented by rental vehicles as well as custom and unique vehicles. The large area of ​​the fair gives the opportunity to present up to 500 motorhomes and trailers.

Vanlife Zone and travelers on the Stage

Caravaning is also Vanlife, a way of life based on living in a mobile home, traveling, and changing "spots" from time to time. Some live this way all year round, others only a few months in each season. They visit Poland, Europe, and other continents, collecting memories, materials for blogs, vlogs, and books. Vanlifers willingly share their stories, adventures, and experiences and sometimes have tens of thousands of faithful fans (not only on the Internet).

The Vanlife Zone in Pavilion 4 during Caravans Salon Poland is a vibrant place full of meetings with blog heroes. This year, we will be visited by our Ambassadors, i.e. Travelers, and many others, because in total we have planned as many as 20 stands for travelers.

It is worth coming to know these people, and their history and seeing their vans and motorhomes, which in many cases they built themselves and are unique, beautifully decorated, and inspiring for people who want to build their own van. You will meet some of our van-lifers and other invited guests and travelers on the Fair Stage, where they will share their experiences and inspiring travel stories.

Retro Zone full of automotive enthusiasts

Pavilion number 4 is teeming with life not only because of the popular Vanlifers, but the second, larger zone is also RETRO, a project that we are implementing together with the CamperMajstry group, which brings together, among others, many owners of old, classic, and unusual motorhomes, vans and trailers.

In the RETRO Zone, we will see about 25-30 historic, unique vehicles and meet their owners, and enthusiasts who will be happy to talk about them. All this in the atmosphere of an old campsite. It's worth coming here and moving in time for a moment.

Caravanning rally Przystanek_targi

No less interesting is the Przystanek_targi rally, which accompanies Caravans Salon Poland. This year, its size will grow to almost 300 teams that will live in the squares and car parks between the Fair Pavilions, creating the atmosphere of the event. Rallyers are also happy to show their motorhomes and caravans if asked. The teams come from all over Poland and not only, and there are people from every generation because caravanning is people.

Admission to the fair is included in the ticket price! You're welcome!